For 2022: An Appeal for Commuter Transport from the Suburbs of Iloilo City

The more transfers the passenger does, the lesser the quality of life is for the city and the surrounding suburbs. 

Palihug reconsider the routes for the “first towns” (called MIDC towns composing of Pavia, Oton, Leganes, Santa Barbara, and to some extent even San Miguel and Zarraga) of Iloilo and consider these as “commuter transports,” rather than “provincial or intercity operations” since these have become the “residential communities” that work in Iloilo City—aka “suburbs” or “arabales.” Treat these as integral part of Iloilo City and Metro Iloilo’s mobility, as urbanization expands beyond the borders of the 70km2 city. Commuter transport has a subtle difference from those of provincial and intercity transport services. People from commuter towns work in the city, sleep in the town and travels everyday. It’s on a daily basis and higher ridership than the towns beyond it. 

I have some suggestions or recommendations in optimizing the hubs, particularly Mandurriao and Jaro hubs which bridges the gap between the City Routes, the airport, the port, and the link between the Provincial Peripheral Terminals from Mohon to Tagbak, Ungka, and Hibao-an. 

Modernization and rationalization of transport routes should be placed on the greater good of its citizens. This we acknowledge and at least should be gradually be implemented. In the side of us commuters, kinahanglan it’ll be as seamless and less transfers as possible. We move people, not cars. The bike network is good, but to a certain extent. It has to be complimented with a mass public transport system nga gasuporta sa biking kag iban pa nga porma sang active mobility. 

This we appeal, to LTFRB Region 6, to City Government of Iloilo, to MIGEDC, to the Provincial Government of Iloilo, and the LGUs of Pavia, Oton, Leganes, and to some extent, Santa Barbara, San Miguel, and Zarraga, and to the transport groups. Palihug, indi na naton kinahanglan nga maglab-ot sa tini-on nga ang mga sala sang mga natabo sa Greater Manila Area matabo man sa aton. A lot of commuters in the suburbs have suffered long enough with transfers, inefficiency, inhumane conditions, long lines, long travel times, and multiple times people are scolded or facing disciplinary actions because of tardiness due to traffic. 

Madamu nagahambal nga gusto nila tani matener sa Iloilo kay ara ang balanse sang katawhay kag convenience sa isa ka syudad. Indi naton tani ini pagadulaon. 

PS. The taxi hailing and car hailing should be modernized man. While calling taxi through landline is still working, it needs to expand its horizons before it gets obsolete. Open the possibility of motorcycle taxis. Kinahanglan maghatag alternatives for the benefit of the mobility of the commuters. A rough draft integrated transit map for reference here. 

Basi makabulig gamay. Here is the route map based on the LTFRB, PTSMO's post a week ago. Pardon for the crude draw of lines.