About HabagatCentral


The HabagatCentral is a blog about travels, experiences of both extraordinary and mundane, culture, history, and even that thing called maps and geography -- and how it is important in our lives. A personal travel journal, guide, geographic and historical musings of Bernardo "Berniemack" Arellano III.

Though basically a travel blog, it's more personal and will tackle not only just about going around places, but also between places, spaces, and its representation -- geography and mapping. Para naman makilala nang maigi ang heyograpiya sa kaisipang Filipino. 

The name was derived from inspiration of traveling. Like the wind called “habagat,” it travels swiftly over the archipelago bringing much needed rainfall for replenishing the parched soil. The wind travels great distances, sharing experiences and adventures to all.

It first started in 2005, with a personal blog at Friendster social media. By 2008, we have started writing with Taralets.i.ph, then Taralets.co.cc together with HabagatCentral.multiply.com. In 2009, HabagatCentral.com came to be. After four years of continuous blogging experience, we went back to the basics of personal blogging, hence habagatcentral.blogspot.com. Painful as we have to retrieve years of articles from the previous domains, it ushered in a new beginning in personal blogging. Now, it's back as TheHabagatCentral.com