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Royal Palm: “Ang paboritong palmera/palaspas ng mga LGUs sa beautification ng mga kalsada sa Pilipinas."

Royal palm (Genus Roystonea ), a.k.a. “ Ang paboritong palmera/palaspas ng mga LGUs sa beautification ng mga kalsada sa Pilipinas .” (The most favourite palm among local governments in the Philippines in terms of roadside beautification projects). Do take note that this preference of the tree as a road side decoration that has been attributed to tropical urban and rurbanscapes may have has roots from American colonial policy and imperial history.   The royal palm’s genus name Roystonea was named after Roy Stone , a US Army Brigadier General. Stone was an advocate of the Good Roads Movement and became one of the heads of the Division of the Public Roads from 1883-1899. He served as a Union Army Officer during the American Civil War and as Brigadier General of the US Army in the Puerto Rico campaign during the Spanish-American War.   Orator Fuller Cook (1901, pp.549-569) named the genus (formerly of Oreodoxa) in his work “A Synopsis of Palms in Puerto Rico” to Stone after his road build

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