ECQ Art: Scientia vincit corona (The Triumph of Knowledge over Coronavirus)

A white lady monument with flame on top lights and triumphs over darkness of ignorance and coronavirus

Amid the pandemic that has brought havoc not only to healthcare, but also to the society--offline and online, somehow we found an inspiration from a monument in University of the Philippines Manila's Calderon Hall and the former Department of Health (Philippines)'s Facility in Alabang (now part of Festival Mall) --Scientia or known to many as "Triumph of Knowledge over Death."

These monuments, depicting the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, was originally a clay figure done by Jose Rizal as a gift to his friend and anthropologist Ferdinand Blumentritt.

Drawing inspiration yet diverting ourselves away from all the circus of the pandemic that we are in now, we thought that what if instead of a skull representing death and ignorance at the foot of the Lady Scientia, it shall be a magnified SARS-COV2? So we tried it and it looks well fitting in this battle.

Scientia's flame is bigger than those in the models, signifying humanity's unwavering spirit to control the pandemic through knowledge. The specks behind are just representations of antibodies (particularly IgG and IgM pentameter). Down is an infected host with coronavirus floating around menacingly. As the light of knowledge shine upon the infected host, these rays represent hope of cure to millions.

Never knew doing these digital graphics would give a relief from the stressed out and anxious mind of ours. It's our own creative way to inspire people amid these tough times.


(Originally posted on my Facebook account on 6 May 2020, during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Greater Manila area--the strictest form of lockdown imposed by the Philippine Government).